MasterRC: Pile Cap Design

Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete pile caps. Design to British Standard and SABS.


Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of pile caps, with 2 to 9 piles.

  • Scheduling to BS 4466, BS 8666 or SABS 82 using the built in MasterRC Scheduler
  • Follows the conventions established by Whittle and Beattie (Concrete, 1972)
  • Design pile caps based on Bending Theory or using a Truss Analogy Method
  • Any steel outside the 3 diameter bands is ignored in design 
  • Deep beams accurately designed using Deep Beam Theory
  • The truss analogy considers concrete compression
  • Switch between design codes to compare results
  • Enhanced shear stress capacity
  • Design to BS 8110 & SABS 0100
  • 2 to 9 pile caps

MasterRC Pile Cap Design gives you numerous output methods

  1. Design Results printed to Printer: View PDF
  2. Details printed to Printer: View PDF 
  3. Schedule printed to Printer: View PDF (page 12)
  4. Sample DXF export: View PDF
Stand Alone Product

Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not Part of the BDS

Included in PowerPad

Limited version

Integrated Product


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