MasterSeries: LCA

MasterSeries LCA empowers engineers to swiftly and effectively assess the environmental impact of their building structures.


MasterSeries LCA is a potent life cycle assessment tool crafted specifically to augment sustainability in your building design projects.

MasterSeries LCA calculates your environmental impact

MasterSeries LCA integrates seamlessly with other prevalent building modelling environments like Tekla Structures and Revit, allowing you to weave environmental considerations directly into your design workflow.

Key Features of MasterSeries LCA:

  • Streamlined Integration: Integrate sustainability analysis within your preferred building modelling environment effortlessly. MasterSeries LCA assures a smooth transition, cutting out the need for laborious data transfers and enabling you to concentrate on optimising sustainability from the earliest design stages.
  • Real-Time Sustainability Insights: Assess the environmental impact of your designs in real-time, gaining instant feedback on sustainability indicators. With MasterSeries LCA, explore diverse design alternatives and make informed decisions that place environmental responsibility at the forefront.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Assessment: Perform a complete life cycle analysis of your structures, encompassing material selection, construction, operation, and end-of-life considerations. MasterSeries LCA enables comprehensive assessments of embodied carbon, energy consumption, waste generation, among other key sustainability metrics.
  • Collaboration and Reporting: Encourage collaboration among team members through easy data sharing and cooperative sustainability analyses. Generate professional reports and visualisations to effectively articulate the environmental performance of your designs to clients, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

For more information on how MasterSeries LCA can revolutionise your design process, we invite you to visit our LCA service website at

BIM Integration

MasterSeries LCA elevates sustainability in building design by integrating seamlessly with popular BIM tools such as Revit and Tekla Structures. This robust integration facilitates automated measurement of embodied carbon in building structures, making the process of generating comprehensive life cycle assessments (LCAs) for sustainable decision-making more efficient.

Revit Integration:

Revit, a widely adopted BIM tool, plays a significant role in designing and documenting building projects. Integrating MasterSeries LCA with Revit opens new possibilities for assessing the environmental impact of design choices. Leveraging the Revit model, MasterSeries LCA automatically extracts relevant data on building elements, materials, and quantities, negating the need for manual data entry and reducing potential errors.

Tekla Structures Integration:

Tekla Structures, another versatile BIM tool, aids in the creation and management of detailed 3D models for structural engineering. The integration of MasterSeries LCA with Tekla Structures enables users to efficiently analyse the environmental impact of structural components and elements.


MasterSeries LCA presents flexible licencing options to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, our licencing model offers convenience, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, granting users access to the capabilities of MasterSeries LCA through a subscription-based approach.

For more information on licencing and pricing of MasterSeries LCA, please visit our LCA service website at

Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not included. Can be added

Included in PowerPad

Not included. Can be added

Integrated Product

Integrates with MasterFrame, PowerPad and Building Design Suite

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