MasterSeries: Office Tools

Export analysis results, calculations, and design output to Microsoft Word or Excel


MasterSeries Office Tools is an add-on program that provides you with two distinct features:

  1. The ability to export all analysis, design and results to Microsoft Office software packages (namely Excel and Word), and
  2. Grants you access to the Calculation Wizard, a separate application for the creation of calculation templates

Note: MasterSeries Office Tools is included in the PowerPad suite.

Calculation Wizard

Calculation Wizard is a standalone piece of software that's used for the creating calculation templates. It allows you to speed up the process of generating and verifying common engineering calculations, be it for a timber flitch beam, masonry walls and columns, or steel variety of steel members. Calculation Wizard will allow you to modify and create custom calculations, in a similar fashion to Microsoft Excel. However, unlike Microsoft Excel, Calculation Wizard has been built specifically for the purpose of generating engineering calculations, giving it an edge in terms of functionality and output.

MS Office Integration

With Office Tools you'll be able to export all frame data, graphics, design and results to either Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. By exporting to either of these programs, you'll be able to make adjustments and tailor your reports to your liking, before printing them off, or passing them on to a colleague.

MS Office integration


Calculation Wizard Features

  • In-built steel design functions to calculate compression, moment capacity, local capacity and LTB resistance
  • Introduce conditional "If" statements to make your calculations even more powerful
  • Comprehensive databases of calculations for timber, masonry, steel and concrete
  • Access to standard steel sections libraries to optimize your design very quickly
  • Responsive software that re-calculates results with every change
  • Import existing calculations from Word and modify them
  • Incorporate sketches and standard data to your output
  • Create and customise new and existing calculations
  • Insert standard quotes anywhere in your reports
  • Create company-wide standard calculations
  • Automatically design steel sections

Exporting Features

  • Output from several different programs to the one document
  • Continue your output to the same document at a later date
  • Copy and paste results tables from Word into Excel
  • Easily create professional, customisable reports
  • Edit, comment and annotate your output
  • Very fast output, faster than to a printer
  • Export graphical results to Word
  • Export analysis results to Word
  • Export design output to Word
  • Export data files to Word
Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Included in Core Building Design Suite

Included in PowerPad

Included in PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrates with all MasterSeries Modules

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