MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition)

MasterSeries PowerPad - Student Edition is a FREE version of our commercial PowerPad plus structural analysis and design software suite.


MasterSeries PowerPad is a complete structural analysis and design suite. It is the ideal choice for those who require a wide range of capabilities at an extremely affordable price.

Here, we are offering Students & Lecturers, a Free copy of PowerPad Plus for 1 year.

Experience fully integrated steel, concrete and timber design to give you a seamless, fully integrated, 3D analysis and design environment.

PowerPad included modules

The Student version has additional features to the Normal PowerPad Plus licence. As a Student You also get Full BIM integration and a taster of FEA analysis.

To download your Free Student Version, Click on the "Download Here" tab above.


PowerPad is a Lite version of MasterSeries, incorporating limited versions of core MasterSeries programs. A summary of the features can be found below. You can also view a more comprehensive list here.

  • Frame Analysis- Analysis of beams, trusses, plane frames, grillages and space frames. With options for tension-only analysis, P-delta, the inclusion of haunches etc.
  • Portal Frame Analysis- Create 1 to 3 bay portal frames and analyse them as elastic, or plastic. You can also account for sway stability, and use P-delta analysis.
Member Design
  • Steel Design - Integrated design of steel members for axial, moment, strut, tie, Annex-BB(G)
  • Concrete Design- Integrated design of concrete beams, columns, and pad foundations
  • Timber Design- Integrated design of axial with moment members, joists, rafters, and flitch beams
  • Composite Design - Integrated design of primary and secondary composite beams
Connection Design
  • Simple Connections- Carry out the design of flexible end plates, fin-plates, angle cleats and more
  • Moment Connections- Design connections for the eaves, apex, baseplates, splices etc
Concrete and Masonry Design
Other Features
  • Office Tools- Customisable calculation templates, exporting to Word and Excel
  • BIM Integration - Integrate with other popular software products like Revit®
  • Beam Designers - Simple steel, concrete, and timber beam designers
  • FE Analysis - Finite element analysis for up to 300 quad elements
  • Multiple Codes - Design to both Eurocode and British Standard

The Student Edition of PowerPad has the following restrictions

  • Data files are not compatible with normal commercial versions of MasterSeries and PowerPad
  • Data files can be read by other student versions or your university's commercial version
  • You will not have access to the Calc-Wizard part of PowerPad as it requires Word
  • “For Educational Use Only” statements on screen and all output
  • You will not be able to export to Word or Excel
  • 1 year Licence, but you can re-apply
  • Not for commercial use
Download Here

Use the following links to directly download your student version.

1. Download and install the relevant version for your OS

2. Update to the latest version

3. Optional Revit ad-on


  1. The educational version is not available for Apple Mac.
  2. Educational version data files, are NOT compatible with the commercial version.
Complete Feature List

This is not an exhaustive list but is designed to give you an Idea of the power behind PowerPad


  • 2-D Frames- 100 members
  • 3-D Frames- 100 members
  • Beams
  • Continuous beams
  • Sub-frames
  • Trusses - Built-in Library of trusses
  • Portals - Single-bay, Multi-bay, Mono Pitch, North Light & Wind Portals
  • Rigid & Pinned Multistory frames
  • Towers
  • grillages
  • General mixed frames
  • Multi-material frames in Steel, Concrete, Timber, User Defined
  • Mixed rigid/pinned and partially pinned analysis
  • Wind post design
  • Notional Loads
  • P-delta
  • Wind posts
  • Gable framing analysis
  • Bracing Analysis
  • Automatic Loading Cases to BS & EuroCodes
  • Editable Euro Code National Application Documents for different countries
  • Compound Steel Section Analysis
  • Built in BS, Euro, American, South African & Chinese steel section databases
  • Edit, Add to and even simplify the steel section database
  • Edit Section Grades for historical design

Steel Design

  • BS 5950 Design
  • EuroCode 3 Design
  • SANS Design
  • Switch & compare results to BS or EuroCode
  • Beam design including torsion design
  • Double beam design
  • Columns in Simple Construction
  • Struts & Ties
  • Appendix G
  • Appendix BB
  • Compound Beams
  • Compound Columns
  • Connection Design - See Connections

Connection Design

  • BS 5950 Design
  • EuroCode 3 Design
  • Switch & compare results to BS or EuroCode
  • Beam to Column - Eaves Connection
  • Beam to Column - Multi-Storey Connection
  • Beam to Beam - Apex Connection
  • Beam to Beam - End-Plated Splice Connection
  • Beam Splice with external and/or internal cover plates
  • Column Splice with external and/or internal cover plates
  • Column Splice with Cap & Base Plate
  • Slab Base Plate
  • Stiffened Base Plate
  • CHS Base Plate on PCD bolts
  • Hollow Section Plated Splice
  • Beam to Beam Flexible End-Plate
  • Beam to Beam Fin-Plate
  • Beam to Beam Angle Cleat
  • Beam to Column Flexible End-Plate
  • Beam to Column Full Depth Flexible End-Plate
  • Beam to Column Fin-Plate
  • Beam to Column Angle Cleat
  • Extended End Plates
  • Morris, K and Diagonal Stiffener
  • 4.4, 4.6, 4.6, 6.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 Bolts
  • HSFG Pt1 + Pt Bolts
  • TCB Bolts
  • Countersunk Bolts

Concrete Design

  • BS 8110 Design
  • EuroCode 2 Design
  • SABS 0100 Design
  • Beams with torsion design
  • 1-way slab design
  • 2-way Slab design using tables
  • Short & Slender Bi-Axial Columns
  • Bi-Axial eccentric Pad footing design
  • Strip footing design
  • Retaining walls - See Retaining wall
  • Interactive curtailment of reinforcement
  • 4 layers of steel Top & Bottom in Beams
  • 7 link zones
  • Links in pairs
  • Numerous curtailment arrangements
  • Printer & DXF output of finished details
  • Reinforcement schedules to BS 8666, BS 4466 & SABS 8

Composite Beams

  • BS 5950 Pt 3 Design
  • EuroCode 4 Design
  • Primary beams with 1 or 2 secondary beams
  • Secondary beams
  • Edge Beams
  • Mixed Primary & secondary beams
  • ASB Beams
  • Auto Design for Non-composite if better
  • Vibration checks
  • Profile Deck Library
  • Solid Slabs


  • BS 5628
  • Eurocode 6
  • Cavity & single skin walls
  • Piers varying leaf fixity on all sides
  • vertical and lateral loading
  • Columns

Retaining Walls

  • Analysis to CP 2, BS 8002 or EuroCode 7
  • Concrete Design to BS 8110, EuroCode 2 or SANS 0100
  • Masonry Design to BS 5628, EuroCode 6 or IS 325
  • Cantilever retaining wall
  • Mass concrete retaining wall
  • RC retaining wall design
  • Plain Masonry Wall design
  • Stepped retaining wall
  • Inclined face retaining wall
  • Gabion retaining wall


  • Design to BS 5268
  • Design to EuroCode 5
  • Timber beam design
  • Flitch beam design to BS5268
  • Column design
  • Timber Rafter design
  • Timber joist design
  • Gluelam beams


  • Full 2-way round trip link with Revit Structure®
  • Bi-directional links with IFC®
  • Bi-directional links with StruCAD®
  • Bi-directional links with Multi-Steel®,
  • Bi-directional links with Tekla®,
  • Solid models exported to AutoCAD®
  • 3D Surface models exported to DXF®
  • Export GA drawings to DXF ®

Finite Element Analysis

  • 300 FE Elements
  • Shear Cores
  • Transfer Slabs
  • Flat Slabs
  • Rafts

PowerPad outputs to Word, Excel, PDF, any Windows printer, as well as DXF drawings of all the details.

Note: For security reasons we don't supply Word output files as they contain macros. Instead, the Word output has been converted to a PDF file.

Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not applicable

Included in PowerPad

This is PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrated analysis & design in steel, concrete, Timber & Connections

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