MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition)

MasterSeries PowerPad - Student Edition is a free version of our commercial PowerPad plus structural analysis and design suite.


MasterSeries PowerPad is a complete structural analysis and design suite. It is the ideal choice for those who require a wide range of capabilities at an extremely affordable price.

By bundling lite versions of the core analysis and design programs, MasterSeries PowerPad delivers a wide range of well-established programs at less than a third of their full version price.

At the heart of PowerPad is our powerful MasterFrame analysis module. This integrates directly with our steel, concrete, composite and timber design modules to give you a seamless, fully integrated, 3D analysis and design environment.


PowerPad is a Lite version of MasterSeries, incorporating limited versions of core MasterSeries programs. A summary of the features can be found below. You can also view a more comprehensive list here.

  • Frame Analysis - Analysis of beams, trusses, plane frames, grillages and space frames. With options for tension-only analysis, P-delta, the inclusion of haunches etc.
  • Portal Frame Analysis - Create 1 to 3 bay portal frames and analyse them as elastic, or plastic. You can also account for sway stability, and use P-delta analysis.
Member Design
  • Steel Design - Integrated design of steel members for axial, moment, strut, tie, Annex-BB(G)
  • Concrete Design - Integrated design of concrete beams, columns, and pad foundations
  • Timber Design - Integrated design of axial with moment members, joists, rafters, and flitch beams
  • Composite Design - Integrated design of primary and secondary composite beams
Connection Design
  • Simple Connections - Carry out the design of flexible end plates, fin-plates, angle cleats and more
  • Moment Connections - Design connections for the eaves, apex, baseplates, splices etc
Concrete and Masonry Design
Other Features
  • Office Tools - Customisable calculation templates, exporting to Word and Excel
  • BIM Integration - Integrate with other popular software products like Revit®
  • Beam Designers - Simple steelconcrete, and timber beam designers
  • FE Analysis - Finite element analysis for up to 300 quad elements
  • Multiple Codes - Design to both Eurocode and British Standard

The Student Edition of  PowerPad has the following restrictions

  • Data files are not compatible with normal commercial versions of MasterSeries and PowerPad
  • Data files can be read by other student versions or your university's commercial version
  • You will not have access to the Calc-Wizard part of PowerPad as it requires Word
  • “For Educational Use Only” statements on screen and all output
  • You will not be able to export to Word or Excel
  • 1 year Licence, but you can re-apply
  • Not for commercial use

Use the following links to directly download your student version.

  1. 1. Download and install the relevant version for your OS

2. Update to the latest version


  1. The educational version is not available for Apple Mac.
  2. Educational version data files, are not compatible with the commercial version.
Stand Alone Product

Operates Fully Standalone

Part of Building Design Suite

Not applicable

Included in PowerPad

This is PowerPad

Integrated Product

Integrated analysis & design in steel, concrete, Timber & Connections

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MasterSeries: PowerPad

MasterSeries PowerPad is a complete structural analysis and design suite. It's the ideal choice for those who require a wide range of capabilities at an extremely affordable price.