Sunderland Silos | UK

Tweddell & Slater Ltd | Cumbria, UK

Redevelopment of the former QE2 berth at Sunderland Docks. Piled, reinforced concrete bases were required for four 16m diameter and 35m high silos, intended to store OPC and PFA, on historic fill material with potential UXOs. 

Models were developed for each base using finite element analysis within MasterFrame. This allowed the interaction between the slab and pile bearings to be analysed and updated, using on site test data and confirmed pile locations, as the information became available. 

The finite element analysis also allowed us to quickly alter slab depths and reinforcement sizes, and assess where cost savings could be made. Due to the large volume of concrete required in each base, thermocouples were wired to the reinforcement during curing to monitor temperature and prevent cracking. A high proportion of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) was also included in the concrete specification in order to increase curing time and decrease the temperature.


Inside the Cage with Pile Starter bars and shear links


Finnished Silo

Year Built: 2016-17
Location: Sunderland Docks
Cost:   £7 million
139,880 kg of Reinforcement
concrete 925m³
244 piles

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