Wilton Hill - Enterprise Hub | Wilton, UK

Godsell Arnold Partnership

Client Our Wilton
Structural Design Godsell Arnold Partnership
Location Wilton, Wiltshire, UK
Built in Under design
Size 17 m x 35 m x 13 m
Material Steel, concrete

The Proposed Building provides office and training space for the Military Veterans at Wilton Hill, Salisbury.

The building consists of a Clad Steel Frame on a sloping site cut into the ground with concrete retaining walls.

MasterFrame: 3D building model
MasterFrame: 3D building model

MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis - FE analysis of the retaining wall
MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis

MasterFrame: Wind load generation to Eurocode
MasterFrame: Wind load analysis and generation to Eurocode

Used MasterSeries products:
MasterFrame for the steel frame analysis and design
MasterFrame: Finite Element Analysis
MasterKey: Wind Analysis for wind load generation
MasterSeries Connection Design for steel connection
MasterSeries Masonry Design for the load-bearing masonry
MasterSeries Retaining Wall for the concrete and masonry retaining walls

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