Domed Home - Galloway Activity Centre | Scotland, UK

Asher Associates

The building is a holiday home in a Lochside location within a holiday park/activity centre.

Structural Design Asher Associates
Building Design Langwell Design
Client Riddick and Son Builders
Location Loch Ken, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, UK
Built in 2020

The accommodation comprises 3 bedrooms on the ground floor and a large living space at first floor with loft space above the stair pods.
A small footbridge gives access to the first floor.

All elements of the structure have been fully modelled and analysed using the powerful MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

Complete structural analysis of the dome home in MasterFrame

To this dome-shaped building, the complex wind loads in all of the 8 directions were generated using the MasterKey: Wind analysis module.

Complex wind loads generation using MasterKey: Wind analysis

The perimeter hollow section columns and the massive central tube column, which support the radial timber floor beams and the dome-shaped roof structure, were designed with the integrated steel design module. The timber elements, which are glued laminated, were designed with the timber design module of the MasterSeries.

Design of the steel hollow section columns

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