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In December 2014, Ramco Industries Signed an agreement to Construct Steel works for Lexus Show at C Ring Road – Doha –QATAR The building are consist of 4 Basement + Ground Floor + 2 Floors +Lower Roof + Upper Roof

Lexus Show Room is Show Room for Cars at the Ground Floor and offices for first and Second Floor The Lower Roof Area it is a service Area and Equipment Area to Serve the Building

Ramco Industries used Masterseries to check the Members design and Connections Design as per Standard Codes  
The Ground Floor Consist of Columns with Maximum Spacing   16.50 X16.80 m The First Floor Consist of  Steel Trusses with depth 1800 mm, All Trusses will Lateral Restrained  by Steel beams with maximum Spacing 8.40 m and All Steel Beams Carry the Hollow Core Slab with Thickness 200 mm + 50 mm Topping The trusses Supported Planted Columns Maximum Spacing 8.00 X 8.00 m to Support the First + Second + Lower and Roof Floor The First, Second Floor and Part of Lower Roof Consist of Hollow Core Slab 200 mm Part of Lower Floor Slab Using Deck Slab 150 mm by Composite Beams to Support the Equipment All Structures were checked for Vibration due to human activity and Equipment Vibration

  • Total Basement Area: 26369 m2
  • Ground Floor Area: 3048 m2
  • First Floor Area: 2969 m22
  • Second Floor Area: 2899 m2
  • Roof Floor Area: 324 m2
  • Total Built Up Area: 9239 m2
  • System: Steel Floor Beam + Hollow Core Slab 200 mm
  • Maximum Truss Depth: 1800 mm
  • Maximum Truss Length: 18.00 m
  • Steel Weight for 1st, 2nd Floor and Roof Floor only: 700 ton
  • Year built: 2016
  • Project Cost: 90,000,000 Q.R

MasterSeries ModelMasterSeries Model

Detailing ModelDetailing Model

1st Floor Trusses1st Floor Trusses

Steelwork CompleteSteelwork Complete

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