General Frame Analysis

Advanced structural frame analysis software for analysing everything from beams and trusses to multi-story frames & complex 3D models in any material.

MasterFrame is a state-of-the-art structural frame analysis software program, incorporating many advanced analysis features to help Engineers meet the increasingly strenuous and demanding requirements of modern design codes including BS and Eurocode.

MasterFrame allows you to create one information rich multi-material structural model, from which an intelligent integrated design may be performed on all steel members; concrete beams, columns & pads; composite beams; steel connections and timber members. MasterFrame also links to MasterCAD BIM, thus forming a fully integrated analysis, design and drafting structural software suite. There is no time wasted re-entering data in each separate software program. This dramatically increases your productivity and reduces errors, allowing you to concentrate on real engineering.

The superb quality of graphics offered by MasterFrame Software means that you will always be proud to present your frame model to your clients and fellow professionals. By utilising the latest powerful graphics technology, MasterFrame produces lightening fast 3D rendering, complete with shading, light sourcing and perspective viewing. The 3D walk through facility allows you to get a true appreciation of your structure, while also guaranteeing to thoroughly impress your clients.

You can choose the most appropriate version of MasterFrame to meet your specific needs. MasterFrame is available in 50, 150, 300, 750, 1500 & unlimited member limits, each with exactly the same features. All versions include space, grillage and plane frame analysis.


MasterFrames extensive and advanced editing facilities allow you to create and manipulate any frame with ease, all in a truly graphical environment. There is no need to calculate and enter nodal coordinates and member connectivity, simply draw the frame on the screen.

  • Various versatile frame generation
  • Pre-processors are provided to help you create your frames with great ease
  • DXF imort with intelligent automatic model clean up operations
  • Graphically define new members with CAD style snap points
  • Easily manipulate your model with numerous node
  • shifting, rotating, copying and repositioning functions
  • Create 3D models from plane frame using the powerful
  • directional and rotational frame duplication procedures
  • Add separate frames together to form one model
  • Fast tower and dome generation facilities
  • Change information quickly and easily using global editing and intelligent copy modes
  • Extended Undo and Redo facilities

MasterFrame is packed full of easy to use, state of-the-art analysis tools and design aids. These features offer you the flexibility to accurately model any conceivable structure, as well as giving you the
necessary information to transparently proceed through to integrated steel, connections, and concrete design.

  • Space Frame, grillage and plane frame analysis
  • Pin jointed (trusses) and rigid frames
  • Live load reduction
  • Elastic and plastic analysis
  • Partial fixity at bases and beam-ends
  • P-delta analysis
  • Sway stability analysis
  • Automatic application of horizontal notional loading
  • Include shear deflection
  • Tension and compression only members
  • Diaphragm action for floor plates
  • Master-Slave node links
  • Tapered and haunched members
  • Open libraries for user defined sections
  • Built-up and ASB’s sections
  • Flats, square and round bars
  • Concrete and timber sections
  • Concrete encased I sections
  • Library of timber sections and grades
  • Spring supports and support settlements
  • Automatic pin-pointing of analysis instability for quick resolution to modelling problems
  • Torque eccentricity definition for all load types
  • Extensive range of member and nodal loading

Every care has been taken to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, saving you time and
reducing repetitiveness.

A large number of tools and facilities are provided to make your job easier, clearer and more efficient. You can view and rotate frames, display and print information on the frame geometry and at any stage view statistical information such as section sizes and total weights.

  • High speed and superb quality 3D rendering.
  • Perspective and orthogonal views.
  • Walk-through facility with easy to use control system.
  • Option to position a fixed light source.
  • Middle-mouse button control for realtime zooming, panning and rotating.
  • Zoom window, zoom extents, zoom full frame.
  • Convenient Aerial view key diagram shows your location in the structure and also allows you to select your viewing position/direction.
  • User defined views (Level1, Level2, Roof plan, Front elevation, etc.).
  • User defined nodal and member group filters.
  • Extensive member filtering facilities based on user member groups, section sizes, member orientation and material type, e.g. hide all concrete members.
  • Easy to use tree-view style control system for all viewing and filtering options.
  • Frame statistics including total weights.
  • Detailed member take off of member lengths and section sizes.

In MasterSeries we guarantee you the highest standard of presentation thus ensuring that you will always be proud of your work when presenting it to clients or to other structural engineering professionals.

  • Unrivalled quality of tabulated and graphical output.
  • Extensive result output filters (print wizards).
  • Bending moment, shear force, torsion moment, axial force and deflected shape diagrams.
  • High quality printer output.
  • Export to Microsoft Word and Excel (PowerPad/Office Tools feature).
  • Export to PDF format using any PDF writer

We recognise that the future of information technology in the structural office must enable
close collaboration with others. A number of export and import facilities are available as follows via

  • Export to StruCAD®
  • Export to and import from Multi-Steel®
  • Export to and import from XSteel®
  • Export to and import from 3D+®
  • Bi Directional Export to and import from Revit®


With MasterSeries there is no need to re-enter data into each program since information and results are
sourced from a central data file. This reduces errors, speeds up the design process and makes changes
easy to accomplish. MasterFrame links to and fully integrates with:

  • MasterSeries 3D Model Manager.
  • MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis.
  • MasterKey Steel Sections Design.
  • MasterKey Concrete Design.
  • MasterKey Moment and Simple Connections.
  • MasterBeam Composite Beam Design (using the 3D Model Manager).
  • MasterKey Timber Design.
  • MasterCAD General Frames for 3D Solid Models and G.A. Drawings.
  • MasterRC for AutoCAD.

Analysis Features

MasterFrame is packed full of easy to use, state-of-the-art structural analysis tools and design aids.  These features offer you the flexibility to accurately model any conceivable structure, as well as giving you the necessary information to transparently proceed through to integrated steel design, composite design, connection design, and concrete design using add-on design software modules.

  • 4 upgradable 3D versions
    • MasterFrame 50 members
    • MasterFrame Pro 500 members
    • MasterFrame Pro 1500 members
    • MasterFrame Pro Unlimited 99,990 members

Common Features in all Versions

  • Space Frame, grillage and plane frame structural analysis
  • Truss and Beam analysis
  • Multi-storey Frames
  • Portal Frames
  • Pin-jointed mixed and rigid frames
  • Partial fixity at bases and member-ends
  • Live load reduction
  • Elastic and plastic analysis
  • P-delta and Sway stability advanced structural analysis
  • Automatic application of horizontal notional loading to BS and Eurocode
  • Include shear deflection for timber & deep members
  • Tension and compression only members
  • Diaphragm action for floor plates
  • Tapered and haunched members
  • Steel, Concrete, Timber and User-defined sections
  • Built-in libraries of British, European, American, South African & Chinese sections
  • Create your own section libraries
  • Concrete encased I sections
  • DXF import & Export of basic frame
  • Spring supports and support settlements
  • All versions have the same above features and are only limited by members  
  • ...


MasterFrame Pro only Features

  • One-way or two-way Area Loading
  • Patch load to a panel or over a larger floor/roof area
  • Line load of any shape or orientation over a general floor/roof area
  • Intelligent and automatic application of gravity and wind area
  • Advanced Steel, Concrete, Composite & Connection Design Control 
  • See MasterFrame Pro for more


 Optional Addons 

For more information click on the Video, Brochure & Output Links above
  • Killanin Stand at Galway Racecourse - Campbell Reith Hill LLP, London
  • 3D Portal Frame with mezzanine floor and section sizes highlighted in different colours
  • Mixed Steel, Composite and Concrete Structure
  • Timber Frame Structure, Sinclair Knight Mertz Edinbrugh
  • Clear and concise graphical output
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"MasterFrame’s powerful frame generation wizards and comprehensive editing facilities allow us to quickly create the most complex of structures, without the need to laboriously calculate nodal co-ordinates. The graphical presentation of frame data and analysis results epitomises clarity and understanding.” Chris McCormack, Structural Engineering Services, Dartford