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MasterRC Pile Caps 2018
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    MasterSeries version 2018.07.02 includes some extensive updates to MasterRC Piles Caps.

    Released on the 2nd of July 2018, MasterSeries 2018.07.02 has seen a major overhaul in the Pile Caps software, both in terms of design capabilities and output. You'll now be able to take advantage of:

    1) Eurocodes

    It was long overdue, but we are finally designing pile caps to Eurocodes. This includes all the punching shear rules, checks for strut angles and enhanced shear zones.

    2) Column Moments

    Introduce column moments in either (or both) axis to better model your pile reactions and develop punching shear distribution. 

    3) Offset Columns

    In addition tot the column moments, you can now also introduce column eccentricities and account for their effect on the pile cap design. 

    For an example calculation, check out this sample PDF output from the software.


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