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Designing Wall Panels on a Domestic Property with MasterSeries' Masonry Yield Line Analysis & Design [Webinar Recording]
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Masonry construction still holds significant importance in the building industry because of its durability, versatility, and cultural significance. Although the design of masonry wall panels is still often based on traditional simplified methods, modern design methods can make significant savings in money and materials.
Case Study: Cookstown Credit Union Project [Webinar Recording]
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In this webinar, we proudly showcased the design in MasterSeries, a recent multi-storey steel framed commercial building carried out by ADD Consulting of Lurgan, Northern Ireland. We reviewed the most interesting parts of the project, the challenges they faced, and how they solved them with the help of MasterSeries.
Steel Connections Optimisation with MasterSeries [Webinar Recording]
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Numerous steel connection configurations that could meet your design requirements are available. The advanced analysis and optimization tools of MasterSeries Connections Design assist you in quickly finding the most cost-effective option that meets your design and manufacturing requirements.
Concrete Building Design from Concept to Construction [Webinar Recording]
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Watch the recording of our webinar and get a taste of concrete building design to Eurocode 2, all within the user-friendly MasterSeries.
MasterSeries 2023 is here!
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After a busy year at MasterSeries since the release of MasterSeries 2022, we are proud to announce the Full Version release of MasterSeries 2023 is here!
Introducing MasterSeries 2023: Cutting-Edge Design Capabilities and Enhanced Efficiency [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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In the coming month, we will be ready to release the latest version of our software MasterSeries 2023, which will boast a wealth of innovative features and improvements. Watch the recording of the Launch Webinar to see what is new in MasterSeries 2023.
Designing Concrete Slabs using finite element analysis [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest webinar and learn how to analyse and design reinforced concrete slabs using finite element analysis.
How to design Pile Caps & Pad Foundations in MasterSeries [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest webinar and learn how to design and detail RC pile caps with up to 9 piles and pad foundations by integrating directly with the 3D structural model.
How to design a reinforced concrete Retaining Wall [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest webinar and learn how to analyse and design a reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall with a complex loading and layered soil environment to Eurocode 7.
Understanding the behaviour and design of portal frames [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in Portals
Portal frames represent a very efficient method for enclosing large spaces, as they allow large column-free areas to be achieved at a relatively low cost. Portal frame design is most efficient when designed within specialised structural software such as MasterSeries. However, it does not negate the designers need to have a fundamental understanding of how the portal frame behaves, how its elements interact and the design challenges it incorporates.