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Concrete Slab Long-term Deflection Calculation using Finite Element Method
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Long-term deflection in slabs is the deflection or deformation that occurs over time due to creep, shrinkage and concrete cracking.
Steel design in complex design situations [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterSeries saves time and effort using the high level of integrated design and optimisation to maximize your solutions.
How to design web to flange welds in plate girders?
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Nearly all plate girders built today are welded. Two flange plates fillet welded to a web plate to form an I-section. But how to design the welds between the flange and web of a plate girder?
Improve the way you design your concrete buildings [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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The carefully considered design workflow of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite seamlessly integrates all the modelling, analysis and design aspects of a building project, to help the engineers deliver safe and well rationalised structural solutions. Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to design a complex, 3D concrete building, using the fully integrated design and optimisation solutions of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite
The versatility of Finite Element based concrete slab design
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Finite Element based concrete slab design provides a flexible and versatile design tool for the analyse and design of highly complex geometries combined with multiple openings
Enhanced Masonry Design using MasterSeries 2020 [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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The enhanced user interface of MasterSeries Masonry 2020 provides a straightforward design workflow to increases efficiency and productivity. Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to analyse and design masonry walls with any arrangement of openings, combined with multiple wind posts and lateral line loads.
How can we determine the sensitivity of a steel frame to second-order effects to Eurocode?
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According to Eurocode 3, if the deformed geometry significantly modifies the structural behaviour we have to take into account the influence of the deformation in the analysis. But how can we determine that our structure is sensitive for deformation or not and if it is how can we take into account during the analysis?
Buckling design of steel columns to Eurocode 3
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For a compression member, especially if it is a slender steel element, the stability check is the most crucial design situation. In this article, we will show you how to design a steel column with axial compression to Eurocode 1993-1-1.