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Case Study: Cookstown Credit Union Project [Webinar Recording]
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In this webinar, we proudly showcased the design in MasterSeries, a recent multi-storey steel framed commercial building carried out by ADD Consulting of Lurgan, Northern Ireland. We reviewed the most interesting parts of the project, the challenges they faced, and how they solved them with the help of MasterSeries.
Steel Connections Optimisation with MasterSeries [Webinar Recording]
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Numerous steel connection configurations that could meet your design requirements are available. The advanced analysis and optimization tools of MasterSeries Connections Design assist you in quickly finding the most cost-effective option that meets your design and manufacturing requirements.
Understanding How to Edit and Add Both Standard and Non-Standard User Sections to Your Masterseries Model
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MasterSeries includes a large library of in-built steel sections which includes British, European, American, South African and Chinese sections. These in-built section profiles adhere to geometric properties defined in design codes such as British Standards and Eurocodes, which allow for their design within MasterSeries. As well as the in-built libraries, MasterSeries incorporates many other section types which can be designed within the software, the full range of which can be found within our MasterKey: Steel Design feature list.
Design of composite floors both in construction and final stages [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Composite floors, thanks to their many benefits such as efficient usage of materials; quick, cost-effective and sustainable constructibility, have come to dominate the building industry in the UK over the past years. However, for the long-term usability of buildings, the serviceability design both in the final and construction stages can be at least as important as the resistance design in the final composite stage.
Steel design in complex design situations [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterSeries saves time and effort using the high level of integrated design and optimisation to maximize your solutions.
How to design web to flange welds in plate girders?
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Nearly all plate girders built today are welded. Two flange plates fillet welded to a web plate to form an I-section. But how to design the welds between the flange and web of a plate girder?
Integrated structural steel design using MasterFrame 2019 [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to analyse and design a complex 3D steel structure using the high level of integrated design and optimisation solutions of MasterSeries.
Gain a competitive edge in structural design using cellular beams
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The popularity of cellular beams has been rapidly increasing in recent decades for many building types. Beyond the aesthetic fashion for cellular beams, they have many advantages for a building project.
The effect of fastener holes' on the design resistance of steel members
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To form structural steel joints, in most cases, we use bolts and fasteners, which require holes in the steel members. How can we take into account the effect of fastener holes in the steel member design?