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MasterSeries 2023 - Simple and Moment Connections Upgrades and New Features
Posted on in Connections
The latest version of MasterSeries (2023) now includes some much-requested additions to our Simple and Moment Connections Design Module.
MasterSeries 2023 is here!
Posted on in MasterFrame
After a busy year at MasterSeries since the release of MasterSeries 2022, we are proud to announce the Full Version release of MasterSeries 2023 is here!
Designing Concrete Pad Foundations using the Eurocode 7 Direct Method - with MasterSeries 2023
Posted on in Concrete Design
The latest "MasterSeries 2023" release now boasts additional features to MasterKey: Concrete Design for Pad Foundations, which gives you an additional Geotechnical Method for designing Pad Foundations known as the Eurocode 7 Direct Method, as well as our existing more conventional and conservative Prescriptive Method.
Introducing MasterSeries 2023: Cutting-Edge Design Capabilities and Enhanced Efficiency [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in General
In the coming month, we will be ready to release the latest version of our software MasterSeries 2023, which will boast a wealth of innovative features and improvements. Watch the recording of the Launch Webinar to see what is new in MasterSeries 2023.
MasterSeries LCA Preview Webinar [WEBINAR RECORDING]
Posted on in Webinar
Watch the recording of our latest Preview Webinar to get an exclusive view into the new MasterSeries LCA.
What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in construction?
Posted on in General
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies the potential environmental impact of products or services during their entire life cycle.
Calculating the environmental impact of your building structures with MasterSeries
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The UK Built Environment presently generates around 25% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. As environmental sustainability becomes a mainstream topic, the construction industry is also under pressure to cut its carbon emissions to reach Net Zero by 2050.
MasterSeries 2022 is here!
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Download your full FREE MasterSeries 2022 trial now and discover all the new enhancements today!
Launch Webinar of MasterSeries 2022
Posted on in Webinar
Watch the recording of the Launch Webinar to see what is new in MasterSeries 2022.
MasterSeries 2021 has arrived!
Posted on in General
MasterSeries 2021 brings many great enhancements including one of the most frequently requested developments to calculate long term deflection including load sequences, creep, cracking & shrinkage.