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MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Bracing connection
Posted on in Connections
On Tuesday, we held the sneak preview webinar of MasterSeries 2019, which is only weeks away, to share with you the upcoming main improvements. Now we would like to give you a deeper insight into the upcoming bracing connections.
Increase connection resistance with 4 bolts in a row joint configurations
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Bolted end-plate moment connections are widely used in steel structures. The most common joint arrangement has two bolts in each row, but what can we do if we require greater resistance and the lower bolt rows are not providing enough additional capacity?
Integrate your steel connection design checks within the 3D frame analysis
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Using MasterSeries Connection Design as an add-on module for MasterFrame or MasterPort has several great advantages.
Generate connection detail drawings with a simple click
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Automatic generation of connection detail drawings accelerates your design process, saving you time, and accurately conveys your design to the fabricator.