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How to model multi-storey masonry walls?
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Masonry is the most common construction type for low-rise residential buildings. At first, the modelling of a simple masonry wall looks very simple. But what is the situation in the case of a multi-storey masonry wall?
Calculation of masonry walls with overlapping openings
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With MasterSeries Masonry Design software able to design masonry walls with any kind of configuration of wall openings.
Gain a Competitive Edge in Masonry Design with Advanced Yield-Line Analysis
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Engineers have several options available to them when attempting to calculate a masonry walls’ lateral resistance.
Masonry wall strengthening with bed-reinforcement
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As a result of the Advanced Analysis and Wind-Posts, we can reduce the wall thickness and create more economical solutions. However, Wind-Posts may cause some unexpected problems, such as disruptive installation and cold bridging.
MasterKey: Masonry & Murfor® Compact Bed Reinforcement
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MasterSeries 2018.14 includes Murfor® Compact bed-reinforcement as part of Masterkey Masonry. In Addition to Eurocode 6, it includes the UK, Irish and various European National Annexes out of the box.