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How do the structural model's simplifications affect your analysis results?
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The process of producing a model requires that the structure is idealised into a suitable form for modelling. This often requires at least some degree of simplification. Such a process of simplification applies not just to the model geometry itself, but also to the loading and restraint conditions. In some circumstances, such simplification can be done in a variety of ways with no significant impact on the overall analysis, but there are cases where how the loads or restraints are modelled can have a significant effect on the results.
Is your finite element mesh size appropriate?
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The accuracy of any FE analysis is heavily influenced by the size of the finite element mesh. Large elements result in a faster analysis time but at the cost of a loss of accuracy. But a small global mesh size, while giving a higher level of accuracy, comes at the cost of analysis time. So how do you know if the mesh is correct?
Hints & Tricks Webinar Part 2 – How to model and analyse buildings using Finite Elements [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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Finite Element Analysis is an extremely useful tool for modelling structures that are too complex for regular beam element analytical solutions. However, finite elements raises many questions both in modelling and analysis.
Concrete Slab Long-term Deflection Calculation using Finite Element Method
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Long-term deflection in slabs is the deflection or deformation that occurs over time due to creep, shrinkage and concrete cracking.
How to design Ground Beams, Rafts & Pile Caps in MasterSeries [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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The high degree of integration in MasterSeries allows you to analyse, design, detail and schedule your concrete ground beams, rafts and pile caps within one system. Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn​ how to design concrete ground beams, rafts and pile caps to Eurocode 2 using MasterSeries.
The versatility of Finite Element based concrete slab design
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Finite Element based concrete slab design provides a flexible and versatile design tool for the analyse and design of highly complex geometries combined with multiple openings
MasterFrame: Vibration design for composite floors and stairs - Webinar
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Join us for our next Webinar and learn how to design composite floors and stairs for vibrations using state-of-the-art and accurate finite element based vibration analysis and design.