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Calculation of masonry walls with multiple openings

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With MasterSeries Masonry Design software able to design masonry walls with any kind of configuration of wall openings.

State-of-the-art Advanced Yield-Line analysis method, you do not have to divide walls with openings into approximate sub-panels, but can directly calculate the effect of any combination of doors and windows.

Masonry wall design with openings

Openings are easily defined by width and height relative to the bottom left corner of the wall. You can position Openings on the edge of the wall panel, and openings can even overlap.

Loads from doors & windows are directly distributed onto the masonry with one and two-way spaning options to accurately model your opening construction. You can even select to ignore the wind load on real openings.

Advanced yield-analysis for any kind of wall openings configuration

Using the Auto Solve function, MasterSeries Masonry automatically recalculates the panel capacity based on the regulations of the Eurocode and British Standard and presents the actual yield-lines and the utilisation for each change in input.

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