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Handling of the complex, layered soil environment
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In most cases, the soil environment is straightforward, but in exceptional circumstances, we have to handle complex soil environments, such as layered soil or sloped soil layers. MasterSeries Retaining Walls design software provides a great range of soil environment settings to allow you to design these complex, layered soil situations.

In MasterSeries Retaining Walls, besides the regular simple front and back soil situation, there is the option to set complex, layered back soil environment.

In the case of layered back soil, for each layer, we can set the layer height and all of the soil parameters required to define the soil.


Furthermore, we can have a different slope for each soil layer. The front soil can also have a slope as well.

For the upper back soil, you can define the tension crack widths for clay soils.


The strength and stability of the retaining walls and bases are checked to either EuroCodes 2, 6 & 7 or the older British Standards.

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