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An Introduction to PowerPad: The Essential A&D Suite for Small Building Projects [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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Sometimes a big 3D structural analysis software package is a little bit too complex or just excessive for the simple, straightforward engineering problems such as low rise buildings and simple beam design.

MasterSeries PowerPad bundles together a wide range of essential structural analysis and design capabilities to be able to carry out a small building project from the bottom to the top.

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn what PowerPad is and how it can increase your efficiency and boost your productivity through a real building project.

Key topics:

  • Analyse and design a small 3D frame project
  • Auto generating the wind loading
  • Introducing integrated steel and concrete design
  • Integrated steel connection design
  • Designing the masonry wall panels
  • Creating reports and outputs
  • Reviewing the modules of PowerPad
  • Q&A session

Explore how MasterSeries PowerPad can help you design more economical solutions and boost your productivity.
Try it for yourself with a free 14-day trial.

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