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Masonry is a great option for building a retaining wall in a short period of time

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Using a masonry system of retaining wall is one of the most common solutions to reduce delivery time and construction cost. However, the design workflow of a cavity-retaining wall is more complex, and we have to handle more parameters. MasterSeries Retaining Walls design software gives the Engineer full control over the whole design process and enables us to create a great variety of retaining walls.

In MasterSeries Retaining Walls, besides the regular reinforced concrete solutions, there is the option to use masonry in a great variety of structural solutions.

Concrete retaining wall with masonry cladding

Masonry can be used just as a simple cladding for concrete retaining wall when the masonry wall is just taking account as a weight during the calculation. Or we can use masonry as a part of the load-bearing structure.

Masonry can be used as a simple retaining wall with and without reinforcement or we can create a complex cavity-retaining wall where the cavity is filled up with concrete, furthermore, we can add reinforcement bars in the cavity as well.

Masonry and cavity-retaining walls

In these situations, the masonry wall capacity is completely calculated and checked according to the Eurocode or British standard.

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