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MasterSeries 2019 Sneak Preview: Shop welded moment connection option

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The development of MasterSeries is always focused on the needs of our customers. We get a lot of feedback and enhancement ideas, from which we select the most popular. One of the enhancements, which is already implemented, and you can look forward to in MasterSeries 2019, is the shop welded moment connection option.

In beam-to-column and the new, column-to-beam (beam over/under) connection types, there is a new general configuration option. These connections can be created as bolted or, in MasterSeries 2019, as welded connections.

MasterKey: Shop welded beam-to-column moment connection

The design calculation properly checks all of the necessary joint components, such as localised tension in the beam flange and column web and compressed beam flange and column web according to Eurocode 3 and the British Standard.

It also checks whether or not tension or compression stiffeners are required for the column.

Close partnership with our users really helps us to keep MasterSeries a user-friendly and powerful tool, helping you to design more economical solutions and boost your productivity – whether you are working on complex or simple projects. Thank you for the valuable feedback and development proposals.

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