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MasterKey: Masonry & Murfor® Compact Bed Reinforcement

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MasterSeries 2016 added the ability to analyse masonry walls with any arrangement of openings, and wind posts. This technology was dubbed “Advanced Automated Yield-Line Analysis”, and it led to more refined wall designs.

However, the ability to reduce your wall thickness can introduce problems of its own, such as disruptive installation, discontinuity of masonry, and cold bridging. Until now the solution has been traditional, cumbersome, solid wire bed reinforcement.

To get around these potential issues, MasterSeries has teamed up with Bekaert. Bekaert specializes in steel wire processing technology and has developed a new generation of bed joint reinforcement, Murfor® Compact – reinforcement on a roll that makes it easier to handle, store and install. As high strength steel is used in Murfor Compact, it significantly increases the lateral load capacity of the wall.

Internal & External Bakeart Murfor Compact Bed Reinforcement

Internal & External Murfor Compact Bed Reinforcement

MasterSeries 2018.14, released this week, includes Murfor® reinforcement as part of Masterkey Masonry. In Addition to Eurocode 6, it will include the UK, Irish and various European National Annexes out of the box.

Bakeart Murfor Compact Bed Reinforcement library

The results: better designed, significantly more economical walls!

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