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Standard and user-defined cross-section import

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MasterSeries provides extensive in-built steel cross-section libraries and built-up and parametric cross-section creation possibilities to empower engineers to be able to create any kind of structural solution. But sometimes you need to import a new cross-section library or user-defined sections.

In MasterSeries, there are two types of cross-section import possibilities:

  • User Sections
  • User Steel Section Database

User Sections

User Sections option can be accessed on the MasterFrame’s Member Sections Materials dialogue and provides a general cross-section creation option. All of the cross-section properties, which are needed for analysis, can be freely entered manually or import from an external file (comma delimited txt file).

This section type does not contain any information about the cross-section shape or geometry parameters, therefore it is not suitable for design, just analysis. User Sections can be used to model those structural elements which have irregular cross-section and their stiffness is used during the structural analysis to calculate deflections and internal forces.

User Steel Section Database

MasterSeries’s Open Library provides the opportunity to create or import standard steel cross-section libraries. Standard sections, such as I and H section, CHS, SHS, RHS, angle and channel sections, can be used not just for analysis but for steel design as well.

The Open Library is found on the Utilities tab of the MasterSeries’s start-up screen.

Creating a User Section Database, we can add one section at a time manually from the basic dimensions, or, we can import an entire library from and external file (comma delimited txt file).

Optionally we can add any cross-section properties, such as area, inertia, plastic modulus etc., or allow the MasterSeries to automatically calculate them.

Commonly used cross-section properties:

MasterSeries steel section library import file property description

The imported sections will be available in all of the MasterSeries steel design products.

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