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Masonry wall strengthening with bed-reinforcement

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As a result of the Advanced Yield-Line Analysis and Wind-Posts, we can reduce the wall thickness and create more economical solutions. However, Wind-Posts may cause some unexpected problems, such as disruptive installation, discontinuity of masonry, and cold bridging.

Masonry wall advanced yield analysis and design

To avoid these problems and to increase the lateral capacity of the wall you can use bed-reinforcement.

Masonry wall bed-reinforcement configuration

Bed-reinforcement is traditionally two horizontally placed rebars, placed in the mortar joint. In MasterSeries Masonry, you can define your own bed reinforcement or using the product library, you can select one of the predefined, widely used bed-reinforcement products.

Masonry wall bed-reinforcement library

We provide the following bed-reinforcement products, including the innovative Bekaert Murfor® Compact bed-reinforcement on a roll. Murfor Compact is ultra high-strength bed-reinforcement on a 30 m roll. No Laps, No Wastage.

  • Bekaert Murfor® Compact
  • Bekaert BrickForce®
  • Bekaert Murfor+®
  • Ancon ARM
  • Ancon ARM-X
  • Expamet SBSF
  • ACS Apollo

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