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Auto-generate Wind Loading on 3D Buildings [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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    Calculating and applying wind loads is a very specific and time-consuming task, especially on a complex 3D structure. Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterKey: Wind Analysis makes light work of the complex task of applying wind loading 3D structures.

    MasterKey: Wind Analysis dramatically reduces the burden of wind application on a frame for both Eurocode and BS, making the accurate application of wind loads a very simple and virtually automated task.

    Key points/topics covered:

    • Specifying the wind directions and the internal pressure and suctions
    • Specifying the design method: Standard, Directional, Designer’s Guide etc.
    • Analysing site data in UK & Ireland
    • Automatically and manually creating wind panels
    • Introducing special wind surfaces: balconies, parapets, canopies, free-standing structures and open-sided structures
    • Overviewing the automatically determined wind zones, Cpe values and pressures
    • Specifying globally loaded members
    • Handling of tall buildings
    • Auto-generation of load cases
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Q&A section

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