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Improve the way you design your concrete buildings [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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The carefully considered design workflow of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite seamlessly integrates all the modelling, analysis and design aspects of a building project, to help the engineers deliver safe and well rationalised structural solutions.

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how to design a complex, 3D concrete building, using the fully integrated design and optimisation solutions of the MasterSeries Building Design Suite.

Key topics:

  • How MasterSeries Building Design Suite works with other BIM software
  • Practice demonstration: Concrete building design using the Building Design Suite
    • Importing building model from Revit
    • Creating engineering model (restrains, supports)
    • Applying loads and creating loading patterns
    • Analysing the structure, understanding the shell results
    • Designing the concrete elements (beams, columns)
    • Detailed design of the concrete slabs
    • Q&A session

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