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Sharing a dongle-based licence among several users can be a real problem, especially at the moment, when most of us are working remotely. The new MasterSeries cloud licensing system solves all these issues and provides a wide range of accessibility to the whole team.

There are many benefits to moving your MasterSeries licence to the cloud:

Collaboration efficiency

Collaboration with cloud licencing gives your business the ability to highly utilize your licence and may save you significant cost on potentially unnecessary duplicated software.

For example, comparing the following MasterSeries licence provided on single USB vs Cloud licence, the floating Cloud licence provides seats up to the number of the available modules, while with the single USB the MasterSeries can be used only on the computer where physically plugged in.

Using the cloud licence does not increase either your licence cost, it only improves your efficiency.

PowerPad Plus users with additional modules will still be restricted to a single concurrent user licence. This restriction can be removed through upgrading the additional modules.

The flexibility of work practices

Cloud licencing allows employees to be more flexible in their work practices. For example, you have the ability to access your licence from home, on-site and office providing you have an internet connection (cloud licence uses a very small amount of data; suitable for use with 4G mobile data).

When you finish your work with any of the modules, the seat will free up automatically on the Cloud server and will be ready for use by any of your colleagues from any PC with the MasterSeries installed.


The demands of your business can change and grow over time. Using cloud licencing, new modules or seats can be easily and instantly added remotely.

Moreover, the cloud licence provides full control over your licence administration. You can at any time create or remove MasterSeries cloud login user profiles for each of your engineers.

No IT investment needed

Moving to Cloud licencing requires no further investment or demand on your IT systems, as no on-premise licence server or VPN is needed to access the licence. You only need an internet connection to access your licence pool, which is stored in a robust and secure cloud server.

If you have any questions about Cloud Licensing or would like to move to the Cloud, please contact us HERE.

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