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Hints & Tricks Webinar Part 2 – How to model and analyse buildings using Finite Elements [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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Finite Element Analysis is an extremely useful tool for modelling structures that are too complex for regular beam element analytical solutions. However, finite elements raises many questions both in modelling and analysis.

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn all the hints & tricks that can help you to work more efficiently and avoid analysis errors.

In Part 2 of our Hints & Tips Webinar series, our expert colleague covered all the questions and issues received by our support team and showed you all his practices.

Programs covered

  • Building Design Suite
  • PowerPad Plus
  • MasterFrame

Proposed Topics

  • Defining surfaces:
    • Geometry, materials etc.
    • Loading: area, patch and line loading
    • Supports
    • Attached beams
  • Modelling common structural types:
    • Transfer Slabs
    • Flat Slabs
    • Rafts
    • Piled Slabs
  • Alternate Loading Cases and load patterning
  • Tips on model validation:
    • Meshing
    • Refining Mesh
    • Errors
  • Analysis results:
    • Deflections
    • Deflections using modified E values as per Concrete Centre Guide
    • Mx vs Mrx
    • Peak moments over Column Heads
    • Peak smoothing
    • Wall reactions
    • Stiff regions
    • Strip Averaging
  • Basic main Rebar Design
  • Design Strips

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