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Increase your design capabilities with PowerPad 2021

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In January this year, MasterSeries introduced the latest version of its PowerPad design suite allowing even bigger modelling, analysis and design capabilities.

At the heart of PowerPad is our powerful MasterFrame Pro analysis module that seamlessly combines 3D modelling, analysis and structural design for small building projects.

To give engineers the power to improve their productivity, its member limit was elevated to 200 members. Furthermore, PowerPad Plus offers limited finite element analysis to model and analyse small surfaces such as slabs, raft foundations, piled slabs etc.

Introduction to PowerPad 2021 – Webinar

Join us for our next Webinar and learn what PowerPad is and how it can increase your efficiency and boost your productivity through a real building project.

Date: Tue, 16th February 2021

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM GMT

Register now - PowerPad 2021 Webinar

Key points/topics covered:

  • Analyse and design a small 3D frame project
  • Auto generating the wind loading
  • Introducing finite element analysis
  • Integrated steel and concrete design
  • Integrated steel connection design
  • Designing masonry wall panels and retaining walls
  • Q&A
Register now - PowerPad 2021 Webinar

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