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MasterSeries 2021 is just around the corner!

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The MasterSeries 2021 is just around the corner - check out the latest MasterSeries software developments.

Join us in the Preview Webinar to get an exclusive view into the new version 2021.

Preview webinar of MasterSeries 2021

Wed, 26 May 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM BST

Watch the recording!

Concrete Slab Long-term Deflection Calculation & Crack Control

Last year we introduced our brand-new FE Slab Design module for specifying and designing slab reinforcement. MasterSeries 2021 brings one of the most frequently asked development to calculate long term deflection including load sequences, creep, cracking & shrinkage.

MasterSeries 2021: Concrete slab long-term deflection calculation

Tekla Structures Bi-directional Link

Collaboration is great!

The new bi-directional MasterSeries-Tekla interface provides even more possibilities to share your models with your colleagues and partners. The new tool offers full control over your model exchange process by allowing you to review all the changes both in the MasterSeries and in the Tekla model.

Moreover, MasterSeries 2021 is now able to import IFC4 and IFC 2x3 Structural Analysis MVD as well.

MasterSeries 2021: BIM Enhancements (Tekla link, IFC4)

Concrete Beam, Column & Pad Design Groups

The new Concrete Beam, Column & Pad Design Group provides you with the same functionalities and advantages as you already got used in steel design. Create intelligent design groups of members, you can control all the aspect of the automatic design process for all the included members on one surface.

System Speedup

Thanks to the latest system improvements, frame analysis speeds are increased up to 10x. It makes your work faster.

MasterSeries 2021: system improvements

Retaining Wall Highways Design to Eurocode

Calculates the highway loads on the retaining walls in accordance with BS EN 1997-1 + PD 6694-1.

And more…

Naturally, there's much more in MasterSeries 2021!

Register today for the upcoming webinar and get a preview of what is coming in MasterSeries 2021!

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