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How to design masonry walls with openings and wind posts? [WEBINAR RECORDING]

Posted on in Masonry

MasterSeries Masonry Design uses the Advanced Yield-Line Analysis, with which you will be able to quickly and accurately calculate and design masonry walls with any arrangement of openings, combined with multiple wind posts and lateral line loads.

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and learn how MasterSeries Masonry Design can increase your efficiency and help you to deliver complex and economical building solutions.

Key topics:

  • Calculating masonry walls with any arrangement of openings
  • Strengthening masonry walls for lateral loading with wind posts
  • Strengthening masonry walls with bed reinforcement
  • Applying arbitrary positioned lateral line and concentrated loads
  • Calculating and designing free-standing masonry walls with piers and masonry columns
  • Q&A session

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