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Save time and create a more economical design by creating your company’s Joint Template Library

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An effective and standardised design workflow can help your design team deliver clearer and more straightforward designs. A straightforward design not only reduces your delivery time, thanks to the reduction in proof engineering, but can cut the total construction time too.

The MasterSeries Connections Design’s Joint Template Library allows you to create your own company templates. Using your own standardised connection templates, you can avoid the usual mess when your engineers use the full range of plates and bolts in a single project. Believe us, your steel manufacturer will appreciate it.

Create your own templates

You can save any connection design as a template and reuse it again. When you create a new template, there is an option to create a thumbnail of your connection that will represent your template in the Joint Template Library. You can also add your own tags to make your joint template library more categorised and searchable.

The new custom joint templates will be available under the User library for further usage.

Share your templates with colleagues

The MasterSeries 2022 allows sharing of your Joint Template Library. You can circulate the template file between your colleagues or even store it on a shared network location.

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