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Designing Concrete Slabs using finite element analysis [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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Finite Element based concrete slab design provides a flexible and versatile design tool for the analysis and design of highly complex geometries combined with multiple openings.

Watch the recording of our latest webinar and learn how to analyse and design reinforced concrete slabs using finite element analysis.
We discussed some common software design and modelling mistakes related to the improper use of FE Analysis and Concrete Design software, alongside some practices to avoid.

Key points/topics covered:

  • Common Software and FE Modelling Issues
  • Some Typical Modelling Mistakes and Assumptions
  • Recommendations

Product Demonstration

  • Creating and loading FEA surfaces
  • Interactively designing the slab reinforcement
  • Specifying basic & local peak and strip reinforcements
  • Punching shear design including near openings
  • Exporting the reinforcement drawings into AutoCAD
  • … and more

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