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How to gain an advantage in Masonry Design using Yield Line Analysis over traditional EuroCode methods [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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In the UK in 2018, the construction industry consumed 2.4 billion bricks, yet the design of masonry wall panels is often based on rule-of-thumb methods or using conservative standards. The reality is, through some simple design checks, major savings could be made in the form of time, money and materials. The Advanced Yield-Line Analysis (AYLA) method allows you to quickly and accurately calculate and design masonry walls with any arrangement of openings, combined with multiple wind posts and lateral line loads.

Watch the recording of our latest webinar as we investigated AYLA, and some other design methods that would help benefit your design output, working towards more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions.

Key points/topics covered:

  • Reviewing the traditional analysis methods in masonry design
  • Yield Line Analysis in detail
  • Reviewing the benefits of using Yield Line Analysis over traditional methods
  • Analysing additional cost, time and materials involved with wind post installation, piers, thicker walls and reinforcement
  • Design of masonry wall using advanced yield line analysis in MasterSeries Masonry Design
  • … and more

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