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Designing Wall Panels on a Domestic Property with MasterSeries' Masonry Yield Line Analysis & Design [Webinar Recording]

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Masonry construction still holds significant importance in the building industry because of its durability, versatility, and cultural significance. Although the design of masonry wall panels is still often based on traditional simplified methods, modern design methods can make significant savings in money and materials.

Watch the recording of our webinar and learn how MasterSeries Masonry Design can increase your efficiency and help you to deliver complex and economical building solutions.

In this video, we look at the design of several types of Cavity Wall Panels within MasterSeries Masonry Design Module, for a typical domestic semi-detached style property.

The introduction covers a very brief introduction to the Yield Line Theory, as an analysis method for the design of efficient masonry wall panels, covering how the traditional method of flexural strength design to British Standards and Eurocode 6 actually derives from the Yield Line theory.

We then proceed to go through the setup and designs of 11 different wall panels, taking into consideration various factors such as

  • Vertical UDLs (from floors / roofs and wall panels)
  • Vertical Point Loads (from steel beams)
  • Horizontal In-Plane Loads (racking)
  • Horizontal Out-of-Plane Wind Loads (wind)
  • Dealing with multiple Openings
  • Introducing Wall Reinforcement (wall piers and wind posts)
  • Various Free / Continuous / Pinned Fixity Conditions including DPM
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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
00:00 Overall Introduction and Agenda

01:20 Background of Yield Line Analysis within the Masonry Design Module

04:33 Introduction to Example: Semi-Detached Property

05:00 Front Wall Panels 1 - 4

10:00 Wall Panel 5 - Comparison Between Yield Line Analysis and Traditional Methods

10:55 Wall Panel 7 & 8

12:03 Wall Panel 9 - Panel with 2 openings and a Point Load from a Beam and behaviour of Yield Line Analysis using Wind Posts vs Stiffened Piers

19:06 Rear Wall Panels 10 & 11 Including Resisting In-Plane Shear Forces and Moments from Adjacent Walls

23:55 Outro

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