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MasterSeries 2022 is here!

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Following a great launch webinar, the MasterSeries 2022 was released on 27th April. This version focuses on implementing those user development suggestions that we believe deliver maximum value, helping to boost your productivity.

Download your full FREE MasterSeries 2022 trial now and discover all the new enhancements today!

Download your full FREE MasterSeries 2022 trial

Note: If you are a MasterSeries user, please log in to the Client Area of the MasterSeries website and access the installation package from the Download section.


MasterSeries 2022 includes over 130 enhancements across many areas of the software range. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Highlights in MasterFrame

  • Steel Sections Open Library database file settings
  • Perp to line offset in drawing snap settings – useful in CAD layers
  • Beam eccentricities for column design – drawing and improved interface
  • Align beta angle to a sloping plane- using Ctrl or Alt click on a connecting member that forms a plane
  • Capture and view nonlinear iteration snapshots – great for divergent analysis diagnostics

Highlights in Connections Design

  • Load case design summary and print management
  • EN 1992-4 Anchor bolts – pullout for constrained edges, concrete edge shear, bolt shear with lever arm
  • Variable bolt spacing in flexible end plate connections
  • Copy simple connection to another type of connector
  • Hollow section bracing connections – double tab connector cover plate option

Highlights in Composite Design

  • Detailed design summary for all beams, including all unity ratios
  • Design group improvements – make studs and mesh the same, more settings in the group
  • Improved deflection checking inputs
  • Check secondary beam LTB at the construction stage in relation to metal deck stiffness
  • Improved dimensional checks for studs in pairs of flange width – advice on when a staggered pattern may be used

Highlights in Steel Design

  • Detailed design summary for all members, including all unity ratios
  • Shear design check separated from local capacity check
  • Check for in-column lateral sway deflection

The Best of the rest

  • Report Generator – new wizards for generating multiple analysis result outputs for graphical results, member diagrams & internal force tables
  • Timber member design groups in integrated design
  • MasterKey: Masonry – point loads can be applied in the PowerPad version
  • MasterFrame: Dynamic vibration design – control over response factor contours with option for limiting values along with clear colour distinctions for areas that exceed limit
  • MasterSeries-Tekla link – bi-directional link for cellular beams and beams with discrete opening

Here’s a complete list of What’s New.

To learn more, watch the Launch Webinar of the MasterSeries 2022.

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