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At MasterSeries, we are proud of developing a reputation throughout the years for the high quality of support we are able to provide to our users on a daily basis.

We have had many customer testimonies attesting to the fact that our superior customer engagement is one of the key reasons for choosing MasterSeries as their primary Structural Engineering Software Suite. Here are some reasons as to why that is...

MasterSeries People Support
MasterSeries Relies on Real People to Deal with Your Issues

Speak with Experienced and Knowledgeable Engineers… Fast

Because we value your time, we only solve your problems with real people, and not automated systems.

The majority of user inquiries are handled by our team's Key Support Members. Our core group consists of experienced Chartered IStructE members who have worked as practicing engineers in consultancies for a significant number of years.

Our Extended Support Team also includes additional experience Senior Engineers and Structural Engineering Software Developers who know the software inside and out, so all types of enquires can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

MasterSeries Software Developer
Our Extended Support Staff includes Key Developers

We Understand Structural Engineers

All of our Support Engineers have used the MasterSeries Software in the past within their roles as Structural Engineers. So not only do we have an understanding of the industry and the challenges presented to Engineers on a daily basis, but we have a great technical understanding of the software and how it can be used optimally, to help solve your day-to-day engineering problems.

Our Content

As well as our online Manuals and Tutorials, we have created a library of technical notes and blog posts on how to use the software.

These cover the application of common everyday design problems which you may face, shared on our website and repurposed for LinkedIn.

We also post regular webinars which not only demonstrate the software but give some technical background on the topics, examples include the recent Understanding the Behaviour of Portal Frames and Understanding Composite Floor Design.

What to Expect When You Call Us

If you call in with a support query, it is highly likely your issue will be resolved there and then over the phone. This is because:

  • Most call-ins (+80%) prior to 4pm on working days are taken immediately or responded to within 30 minutes of first contact.
  • Then, once these call-ins are handed to a Staff Support Member - queries are again either resolved immediately over the phone, or within 30 minutes. We employ the use of screen sharing software to assist with quick resolution.

MasterSeries in Numbers
Some of our Key Support Stats for 2021

Ways to Connect

Product Demonstrations

The most time efficient way to assess the capability of MasterSeries is though a tailored web-based live demonstration at a time that is convenient for you. These suit customers who may be new to our software, or who want to understand its full capabilities.

    MasterSeries Support Staff
    Our Experienced Support Staff have Extensive Experience in using MasterSeries in a Practice Environment

    MasterSeries Book a Demo

    Your Feedback

    We are always looking to collect information from our users about their MasterSeries Support Experience, please feel free to fill out the following form:

    MasterSeries Give Us Feedback

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