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Automated Concrete Wall Design to Eurocode 2 [Webinar Recording]

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With the release of the MasterSeries 2023, we have added the integrated design of shear walls to our MasterKey: Concrete Slab and Walls Design module (previously called as MasterKey: Concrete Slab Design).

The new module includes design components for concrete wall piers (a column-like design) and wall coupling beam designs (for below and above openings).
With this new improvement, you can completely design any concrete building.

Watch the recording of our Introductory Webinar and get to know the new reinforced concrete wall design feature.

Key points/topics covered:

  • Introductions to shear wall designs and basic design rules
  • Modelling a concrete wall inside a 3D structural model
  • Interactively designing the wall reinforcement
  • Introduction of design components: concrete wall piers and wall coupling beams
  • Design methodology of piers' subdivision
  • Exporting the reinforcement drawings into AutoCAD
  • … and more

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