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Understanding the behaviour and design of portal frames [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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Portal frames represent a very efficient method for enclosing large spaces, as they allow large column-free areas to be achieved at a relatively low cost. Portal frame design is most efficient when designed within specialised structural software such as MasterSeries. However, it does not negate the designers need to have a fundamental understanding of how the portal frame behaves, how its elements interact and the design challenges it incorporates.

Watch the recording of our latest webinar as we visually went step by step through the anatomy of a 3d steel portal framed building and all of its different elements, providing an overview of design guidance outlined in various IStructE and SCI publications and some basic principles of good design relevant to the structural designer.

Key points/topics covered:

  • Overview and Anatomy of Portal Frame Buildings
  • Actions on Portals
  • Structural Behaviour and Stability of Portal Frames
  • Design considerations for Portal Elements
  • Design of 2D and 3D portal frames using advanced structural analysis and design software
  • … and more

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