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Introducing MasterSeries 2023: Cutting-Edge Design Capabilities and Enhanced Efficiency [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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In the coming month, we will be ready to release the latest version of our software MasterSeries 2023, which will boast a wealth of innovative features and improvements. Read more below including how you can become a Beta Tester for MasterSeries 2023.

Watch the recording of the Preview Webinar to see what is new in MasterSeries 2023.


Concrete Shear Wall Design: We have included a new integrated design of FE Surface Concrete Shear Walls. This includes design components for concrete wall piers (a column-like design) and wall coupling beam designs (for below and above openings).
These new features are part of our existing MasterKey: Concrete Slab Design module, which will now be renamed to MasterKey: Concrete Slabs and Walls Design.

P-Delta Analysis in FE Surfaces:
 Geometric non-linear analysis is now supported for Finite Element Surfaces.

MasterFrame model Material Quantities Reporter: The previous Frame statistics feature has now been replaced with an upgraded Material Quantities Reporter. Our Quantity Reporter includes material quantities for not just members but also FE Surfaces, Area Loading Surfaces, Decking Materials, Shear Studs and Pad Foundations. Extensive filtering and grouping tools are also available which can allow you to filter per element type, material type, levels and more.

Moment Connections: Within our Beam to Column moment connections, we now support hollow section beam elements, with extended end plates. These connections are similar to column sections in Column to Beam moment connections.

MasterKey Concrete Pad Foundation: MS2023 Concrete Pads upgrade for both standalone and integrated design modules, now includes the option to design to ‘EC7-1 Direct or Prescriptive methods (EC7-1 6.4(5))’.
In the Direct method, soil property inputs are used to calculate the Ultimate Service Soil Bearing Resistance.
Bearing pressure and sliding can be checked for Design Approach 1, Combinations 1 and 2 loading cases (GEO), while Overturning and Uplift can be checked for equilibrium (EQU) load cases.

Steel Design: With MS2023 we can now develop detailed depictions of more complex steel design elements. For example, a portal rafter can be represented with all the key physical attributes and geometry (dimensions etc.) for the apex, haunches, purlins and stays.

Invitation to Become a Beta Tester of MasterSeries 2023

As a tester, you will receive exclusive access to test all the latest features within MasterSeries 2023 (details here). before its full launch and the opportunity to provide your feedback to the MasterSeries Team.

To be able to be eligible, it is recommended to catch up on our recent Webinar, and then please click the Invite below and fill out the short request form.

MasterSeries 2023 Beta Tester Invitation

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the release of MasterSeries 2023. The countdown has begun, and we are excited to share our latest developments with you.

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