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5 Examples of Structural Retaining Wall Designs - To Eurocode & British Standards with MasterSeries [Webinar Recording]

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In this video, we look at the design of several types of Retaining Wall Designs within MasterSeries Retaining Wall Design Module.

The webinar examples includes a

  1. Standard RC Retaining Wall
  2. Stepped Gravity Masonry Garden Wall
  3. Hollowblock Stepoc (pocket reinforced) Cavity Wall
  4. Gabion Wall Design
  5. Grouted Cavity Reinforced Domestic Retaining Wall

In a future release, we will cover Piered Walls (Counterfort and Buttress Walls) and Highway Loading, including Bridge Abutment Loading.

The different inputs allow us to specify

Wall Data including

  • Water Table
  • Wall Stem and Base (Heel and Toe)
  • Sloped and Stepped Walls
  • Sloped Soils

Soil Data including

  • Soil and Wall Friction values
  • Cohesion Values
  • Layered soils
  • Soil Density
  • Over Consolidation Ratios
  • Tension Cracks
  • 'At-Rest Earth Pressures'
  • Virtual Backs
  • Ultimate Bearing Capacities and Permissible Bearing Capacities

Props and Ties

  • Ties (Ground Anchors)
  • Props and Base Props


  • Line Loads
  • Full and Partial Surcharge Loads
  • Horizontal Line Loads and Wind Upstand Loading


  • Auto Design of Wall and Base Reinforcement
  • Vertical and Horizontal Cavity Reinforcement

Masonry Walls

  • Gravity Wall
  • Reinforced Hollowblock Walls
  • Masonry Clad
  • Cavity Filled Composite Masonry Walls


  • Tension or Compression Faces
  • Buttress and Counterfort Walls

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