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MasterSeries 2020 Launched!

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The new version of MasterSeries is here! This version includes many great enhancements and also our a brand new Concrete Slab Design module, providing an extremely powerful design workflow to interactively identify and resolve any slab failures.

Download MasterSeries 2020 trial

If you are a MasterSeries user with 2020 maintenance, please log into your account on our website's Client Area and download the installation package from the Download area.

#1 Concrete slab design

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A new FE Slab design module will be released with the MasterSeries 2020 for specifying and designing slab reinforcement, together with punching shear design. With carefully considered work flows and extremely powerful features, your Slabs and rafts can be designed accurately and economically in minutes.

#2 CAD layers in MasterFrame Pro

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The new CAD layer function allows you to import a DXF or DWG drawing as a “snapable” underlay for your 2D drawing. Simply turn on the CAD layer when you need to snap in new members, loads, grid lines… etc.

#3 New connection-template library

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The new connection template library of the Connection Design module provides you with lots of out-of-box templates to quickly generate your common connection configurations. It also allows you to create your own templates.

#4 Interface enhancements

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In MasterSeries 2020, we have continued the modernization of the user interface. The fresh and modern user interface increases the efficiency and productivity.

Both the Connection Design and the Masonry Design Modules have a totally redesigned appearance. The new user interface provides a straightforward design workflow and allows you to have clear control over the parameters.

New user interface of the MasterSeries Masonry Design 2020

Minor improvement

  • DXF/DWG Import: The import of drawing now supports DWG in addition to DXF
  • DWG Export: In all the areas where you could create a DXF export drawing, this can be created as a DWG file.
  • Revit Structure Integration: Improvements to the robustness of the bi-directional integration. Curved member and discrete web opening integration
  • Speed Improvements: Speed improvements have been made utilizing parallel process in many areas

To learn more

Watch the webinar recording of the MasterSeries 2020 – Preview Webinar

Watch the webinar recording of the Introductory Webinar of the new Concrete Slab Design module

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