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Calculating long-term deflection and crack width for concrete slabs [WEBINAR RECORDING]
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In the structural design of a reinforced concrete slab, one of the most dominant serviceability limit states is the long-term deflection or deformation that occurs over time due to cracking, creep and shrinkage.

In the past, Engineers have used rule of thumb methods to estimate deflections based on gross elastic concrete properties. With large spans in modern buildings, this has been of limited use.

MasterSeries 2021 has extended the functionality of the MasterKey: FE Concrete Slab Design module to now provide facilities to fully calculate deflections for concrete slabs taking account of reinforcement, concrete cracking, creep and shrinkage - all in conjunction with load event sequences.

Watch the recording of our latest Webinar and get to know the enhanced MasterKey: Concrete Slab Design module.

Key topics:
  • Creating building models with FEA surfaces
  • Analysing FE models
  • Quick overview how specifying slab reinforcement
  • Setting long-term deflection parameters and classes (days, shrinkage restraint, allowable crack width etc.)
  • Setting up slab load events
  • Slab deflection and crack control analysis
  • Reviewing the different result types
  • Using Check Lines to check slab deflections against line criteria
  • Crack width control

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