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MasterSeries 2019 has arrived!

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The new MasterSeries 2019 offers many enhancements and new features to help you deliver more complex and sophisticated building design and boost your productivity.

#1 Redesigned Welcome page

In 2019, we have continued the evolution of MasterSeries with a modern and fresh look and feel, increasing your productivity and efficiency.
We have redesigned the welcome screen to allow you to have a clear overview of program modules and model files. The new module thumbnails make it easier to choose the right one.

#2 Line load placement with drawing

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With the new, user-friendly Draw mode placement method, you can quickly and freely place and manipulate polyline load(s) on floor or roof panels, using the same drawing and snapping functionalities as in member draw mode.

Drawn line loads can be set as a varying line load and anchored to structural elements, so it moves as the selected element moves.

#3 Improved area loading

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As in the case of line loads, the new Draw mode, allows arbitrarily positioned and shaped patch loads to be placed on floor and roof panels. Thanks to the CAD style anchor points, the shape of drawn patch loads can be easily modified with a simple drag-and-drop.

Draw mode patch loads can be set as a varying patch load and anchored to structural elements or nodes as well.

#4 Multi-level load placement

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The multi-level placement option is a very smart and user-friendly function to allow you to easily create the loading for multi-storey buildings. Any of the draw mode panel loading can be copied to another level with a simple level selection. The copied loads remain as one object and, if you move or modify the original loading, the same modification will be done on the others as well.

#5 Integrated MasterKey: Pile Cap Design

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MasterKey: Pile Cap Design is now available as an integrated module in MasterFrame. Using MasterKey: Pile Cap Design as an add-on module for MasterFrame, all loading cases are automatically imported to the module and the most critical case is detected.

#6 Smart graphical component selection

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The new, smart graphical component selection makes connection manipulation much faster and easier. The function allows dimensions and graphical items to be selected and jumps us to the relevant part of the connection properties.

#7 Column-to-beam (above and/or below) moment connection

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The Column-to-beam connection type has two different configuration options. The first one is when a single column is connected to the top or bottom flange of the beam; the other is when there is a column above and below the beam.

As a result of this connection enhancement, another previously available connection type is also improved. Now, the beam to column connection type is also able to handle the full compression or full tension loading situations.

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#8 Bracing simple connection

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Adding bracing connections to the connection range, you are now able to cover another big part of structural joints with standard design.

Bracing connections has four main different configurations:

  • Vertical bracing to column
  • Vertical bracing to column base
  • Vertical bracing to beam
  • Horizontal bracing to beam

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MasterSeries 2019 is now available to download. To download it, log into your account on our website's client area.

Download MasterSeries 2019

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