MasterSeries PowerPad is a complete structural analysis and design suite and is the ideal choice for those who require a wide range of capabilities at an extremely affordable price.

At the heart of PowerPad is our powerful MasterFrame analysis module. This Integrates directly with our Steel, Concrete & Timber Design Modules to give you seamless, fully integrated, 2D & 3D Analysis & Design with minimum of input.  

Design to Eurocode or BS and switch between Codes, at any time, to compare results.


PowerPad is a Lite version of the MasterSeries incorporating limited versions of the following core MasterSeries programs.



  • PowerPad                (100 member integrated Analysis & 15 member Design in 2D & 3D)
  • PowerPad Plus      (100 member integrated Analysis & Design in 2D & 3D)
  • PowerPad Pro 500 (500 member integrated Analysis & Design in 2D & 3D & Area Loading)
  • PowerPad Student Free student edition of PowerPad Plus - link 



  • Real programs - Not limited Pro-Formas
  • Fully Integrated - Go straight from Analysis to Design with no data transfer errors. 
  • Comprehensive – Frames Beams, Portals, steel, concrete, timber, masonry ………..
  • Easy to use – start designing straight away, short learning curve, see results immediately
  • Consistent Interface - Not a collection programs from different sources
  • Reliable – been in use by Engineers for over 25 years
  • Economical - Only purchase what you need.
  • Fully upgradable - Upgrade at any time with no loss of investment or data
  • Eurocode & BS design - Switch between codes at any time to compare and learn EC design
  • Editable NDP - Edit the Nationally Determined Parameters for your country.
  • Expandability - Additional modules can be added at any time
  • Detailed Output - consistent reporting to a single, editable, document with detailed calcs
  • Support - Easy learning with Videos, Tutorials & Help Desk Support
  • Remote Support - support clients around the world using the latest web tools to provide rapid solutions  


For more information click on the Video, Brochure & Output Links above
  • Typical Beams, Trusses, Frames & Portals
  • Steel Frame Analysis and Integrated Design
  • Primary Composite Edge Beam
  • Interactive Concrete Frame Analysis and Design
  • Integrated Connection design on an analysed Portal Frame
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