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In the extensive MasterSeries Structural Analysis product range, you're sure to find just the right software to suit your particular requirements.

For quick and easy beam design you'll find the MasterBeam range of programs highly productive and a joy to use.  For that bit more flexibility perhaps a small version of MasterFrame will cater for all you analysis needs. 

If you're after that full 3D product modelling experience then MasterFrame with 3D Model Manager and MasterKey Wind Analysis is your perfect combination, offering you the most intelligent and flexible system you'll find anywhere.  Furthermore you have the assurance that should you require advanced features such as Finite Element Analysis or Dynamic Analysis, those modules are ready to just plug in.

Analysis Product Range

General Frame Analysis

Advanced structural frame analysis software for analysing everything from beams and trusses to multi-story frames & complex 3D models in any material.

MasterFrame Pro

MasterFrame Pro significantly increases the power of MasterFrame by adding an advanced 3D model management system, enabling you to rapidly load and design three-dimensional structures.

Wind Analysis

3D Model Manager add-on. Makes light work of applying wind loading to any structure.

Finite Element Analysis

MasterFrame add-on. Finite Element Analysis software to build structural elements such a shear walls, flat slabs and transfer slabs inside MasterFrame models.

Dynamic Analysis

The dynamic analysis is a MasterFrame add-on. As structures become more efficient and lighter, it becomes more important to understand their dynamic behaviour. Floors, bridges, high rise buildings, sensitive laboratories and staircases are just some of the structures that often require additional dynamic checks and design. Read on to find out how MasterSeries can help you with with dynamics problems.

Beam Designers

3 individual software programs for the analysis & design of simple, cantilever & continuous beams and sub frames in Steel, Concrete or Timber.

Seismic Analysis

This product is an add-on to the dynamic module. With it the user can quickly and easily determine how their structure is behaving under seismic loads, and analyse and design the structure for these loads.