Concrete Beam Designer - Free version

Free interactive analysis, design & detailing of single span Concrete beams. Design to the BS, Euro & SABS codes.

Free version of MasterKey Concrete Beam Designer structural software for the analysis and design of simple, fixed and partially fixed single span beams and cantilevers to BS 8110, EuroCode 2 and SABS 0100.

The degree of integration, simplicity of input and speed of design make MasterBeam Steel Beam Designer the ideal tool for the infrequent user.  The truly interactive nature of MasterBeam Concrete Beam Designer also makes it the ideal software tool for teaching Basic Structural Engineering.

Concrete Beam - Steel Area calculation with given beam width
Concrete Beam - Moment Capacity with given width/height/ and area of steel
Double Reinforced Beam - Moment Capacity of given Section
Reinforced Concrete T Beam - Steel Selection for a given Moment


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See the full 16 span version  MasterBeam: Concrete Beam Designer

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Basic Guide


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  • Simply supported concrete Tee beam analysis
  • Simply supported concrete Tee beam design
  • Bar bending schedule for Tee beam
  • Simply supported concrete rectangular beam analysis
  • Simply supported concrete rectangular beam design
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