Product Range

MasterSeries features an extensive range of Structural Engineering software packages that can be scaled to match the needs of your business.
Choose from full suites to individual modules to suit your needs, with full upgrade paths available.

Integrated Analysis & Design Suites
Building Design Suite

The ultimate 3D building design solution for all multi-material building projects.


The essential structural analysis and design suite for small building projects. 

MasterPort: Portal Frames Plus

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 3D portal frames and ancillary steel work. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.

Space Frame Analysis

Advanced structural frame analysis software for analysing everything from beams and trusses to multi-story frames and complex 3D multi-material structural models

Wind Analysis

Makes light work of applying wind loading to any structure modelled in MasterFrame

Finite Element Analysis

MasterFrame Finite Element Analysis FEA module combines the power of MasterFrame with the Finite Element Analysis method to significantly expand your analysis and design capabilities

Dynamic Analysis

Combine the power of MasterFrame with the MasterFrame: Dynamic Analysis add-on module to design for dynamic behaviour

Seismic Analysis

Add-on for MasterFrame Dynamic Analysis module. With it, the user can quickly and easily determine how their structure is behaving under seismic loads and analyse and design the structure for these loads

Steel Design

Design of members in steel structures analysed using MasterFrame, or MasterPort. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and South African codes

Steel Connections

The UK's two leading software programs for the design of Structural Steel Connections. Design Connections in Portal and Multi-Storey frames to Eurocode 3 and BS 5950 with ease

Concrete Design

Integrated design of Concrete Beams, Columns and Pad Foundations in MasterFrame and MasterPort Structures. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and South African codes

Concrete Slab Design
Concrete Slab and Wall Design

NEW - Automated Concrete Wall Design in finite element frames


MasterSeries composite structure design solutions provide state-of-the-art, fully automated structural design for traditional ‚Äčand slim-floor steel-concrete composite structures

Timber Member Design

Independent and integrated design of timber elements to Eurocode and British Standard

Portal Frames

Advanced analysis and design of elastic-plastic 2D portal frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.


Fast, intuitive and advanced masonry design software. Quickly design reinforced and unreinforced masonry wall panels and columns using state-of-the-art technologies. Design to Eurocode 6 and BS 5628.

Pile Cap

Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete pile caps. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.

Retaining Wall

MasterSeries Retaining Walls Design offers the most comprehensive program available for the design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry retaining walls to the Eurocode, British Standard and to other international standards.

Steel Continuous Beam Designer

Interactive analysis and design of simple, cantilever and continuous steel beams and sub frames. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and SABS.

Concrete Continuous Beam Designer

Interactive analysis, design & detailing of simple, cantilever & continuous Concrete Beams to BS 8110, Eurocode 2 or SABS 0100.

BIM Integration

MasterCAD: BIM Integration permits bi-directional model exchange with other software packages, including Revit, Tekla Structures and AutoCAD.


Automatic Reinforced Concrete Bar Scheduling to BS8666, BS4466 and SABS82

Office Tools

Export analysis results, calculations, and design output to Microsoft Word or Excel

Life Cycle Assessment
MasterSeries LCA

MasterSeries LCA empowers engineers to swiftly and effectively assess the environmental impact of their building structures.

PowerPad (Student Edition)

MasterSeries: PowerPad (Student Edition) is a FREE version of our commercial PowerPad Plus structural analysis and design software suite.

Concrete Single Beam Designer (Free)

Free interactive analysis, design and detailing of single span concrete beams. Design to the Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.

Steel Single Beam Designer (Free)

Free analysis and design of single span simple and cantilever steel beams. Design to the Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.