Let the MasterSeries concrete design range of software modules give your structural engineering that competitive edge by integrating your analysis, design, detailing and scheduling into a single operation.

Concrete design

Intelligent automatic design based on an extensive set of fully customisable design and detailing parameters, giving you full control over the design process and enabling you to rapidly optimise your design. In all modules in the MasterSeries Concrete Design range, you'll find superb levels of analysis and design integration. The perfect balance between automation and engineering control.

Whats' more, all the design aspects of MasterSeries use a truly interactive design approach, whereby the full detailed design report of a building component is always displayed, and instantly updated with changes to design parameters. No black boxes, and no digging for the detailed design information you require. We call this "Real-time Design", and it delivers the ultimate engineering control you need.

For detailed information, please click on one of our concrete design products below.

Concrete Products
MasterSeries: Building Design Suite

The ultimate 3D building design solution for all multi-material building projects.

MasterSeries: PowerPad

The essential structural analysis and design suite for small building projects. 

MasterKey: Concrete Design

Integrated design of Concrete Beams, Columns and Pad Foundations in MasterFrame and MasterPort Structures. Design to Eurocode, British Standard, and South African codes

MasterBeam: Concrete Continuous Beam Designer

Interactive analysis, design & detailing of simple, cantilever & continuous Concrete Beams to BS 8110, Eurocode 2 or SABS 0100.

MasterKey: Pile Cap Design

Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of concrete pile caps. Design to Eurocode, British Standard and SABS

MasterKey: Retaining Wall Design

Design of both reinforced and unreinforced concrete and masonry gravity retaining walls with complex soil environment to the Eurocode, British Standard and to other international standards.

MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD

MasterRC: RC Detailing for AutoCAD is an AutoCAD® extension for the detailing and scheduling of reinforced concrete.

MasterRC: Scheduler

Automatic Reinforced Concrete Bar Scheduling to BS8666, BS4466 and SABS82

MasterBeam: Concrete Single Beam Designer (Free)

Free interactive analysis, design and detailing of single span concrete beams. Design to the Eurocode, British Standard and SABS.